Welcome.  I publish this very first post on the last day of Sun in Leo and its first day in the sign of Virgo.  The former is all about Light and Destiny and the latter is all about how to ground that down into Earth and Practicality.  A most auspicious time for the site’s inauguration.  And entirely serendipitous in manifestation.   It does, remarkably, reflect the Wisdom of the Tao, which is to find, through it’s philosophy and practice, the ways in which our souls can come into union with our deepest spiritual abilities and then ground them down into the mundane lives we lead within the constructs of what we call “civilization.”  The Tao is born of the cycles of the natural world, now so far away from that hectic world of culture and economy within which so many of us have to figure out how to function.

This blog is dedicated to the rectification of right union and relationship between yin and yang, between reflection and action, between the natural and constructed worlds in which we find ourselves.  It is a dedication to the sacred marriage, holy and whole as independent states and yet able to conceptualize and bring to fruition so much more when their balance is restored.  It is with that spirit that this site’s conception and inception are made.

While I have “owned” this website for quite some time, most of my blogging has been occurring over the past 2 and 1/2 years at my other website: sistertongue.wordpress.com.  That website has been devoted primarily to discussions relating to astrology and my counseling astrology practice, though many of the articles have incorporated taoist philosophy within a larger, metaphysical framework.  Please do visit to gain a broader perspective of my work and orientation to the world.

Despite my satisfactions with Sistertongue, I have felt the urge, for a long time, to devote myself to a much more clear and focussed discussion of purely Taoist principles and practice, thus the registering of this blog.  I did find, however, that this whole project needed to gestate for quite a while before it came into working fruition.

That time has arrived and is inspired and concretized by my decision to, once again, teach, now in the Santa Fe area.  As a wandering taoist, I have taught and studied in many places and, yet, it seems, I have been asked to settle down and teach here, now.  That practical decision has triggered the materialization of this website into working form and it is my hope that this site will serve to inform students of my classes as well as a place where articles can be written and shared with the community.  I always invite comments on articles and, indeed, also invite students’ experiences with the Tao for consideration for publication here.

This site is at its most nascent point and I celebrate it’s inception and the hope for its continued growth with all of you as equals in exploring taoist philosophy and practice as we move into an uncertain, questioning future.

The highest form of spiritual practice in the Tao is the cultivation of discernment, which is one that will serve us all well as we grow forward from this place and time.  Let us go there together and within the wisdom of the eternal Tao, which I have always found to sustain and support and give good counsel during turbulent times in my own life.

Again, welcome.

in light.