As we begin to approach the idea and physical event of December 12, 2012, I find a need to address the increasing anxieties, terrors, ecstatic blisses and stories of the alleged arrival of the next messiah that are exponentially growing out of this much-anticipated event.

All orientations to The Event, whether of fear and doom and gloom or silly notions proposed by New Agers that we are all going to transform into a new level of abundance and kindergarten levels of “happy happy joy joy” nonsense, are born out of an externally-oriented locus of control.  Some are “prepping” for the impending disaster and hiding out in underground bunkers.  Others are holding sharing circles meditating on and believing that our planet is going to morph into a purple star.  All attempts to put forth theories of what will happen are simply left-brained attempts to control the future, which none of us can do.  That is up to the Great Divine herself, whether embodied in her larger self as the ever-changing cosmos, or here in her smaller earthly manifestation within the creative, transformative wombs of all women.

Our work is to enter into the unknown.

The Unknown, that which cannot be named but which we know as true, lies at the heart of the study of the Tao.  It is our acceptance of the Unknown, the Inexplicable Wonder, that divides the children from the adults,  the kindergartners from the truly aware,  the boys and girls from the men and women of life.  In every case, the latter are the spiritual warriors/sages of our times and it would behoove us all to discern and look to the latter for guidance as we proceed forward in our adventures of the mysteries of life.

Discerning Eternal Facts from Current Fiction

The first fact we need to understand is that no one knows what is going to happen.  Not on a global level and not on a personal level.  All of us should run from anyone who claims to “know” what is going to happen.  Furthermore, we should snap shut our pocketbooks, lest we find ourselves taken advantage of and impoverished by the old order of prophet/profit-teers who want to “sell” us their predictions of the future.  They certainly do not know any more than you do.  You are the authority of your life, not someone else out there.  The age of blind devotees to external gurus should be declared over and done with.  And that includes the Dalai Lama.

Discernment is key and each of us has the power, authority and ability to exercise it for ourselves.  Those externally oriented will give that authority away to others.  Those who practice the Tao know that true power is contained within, bestowed to you to exercise freely by the Divine.  Use it for yourself and to further your own goals for your own life/soul development.

When we take physical form here on a microcosmic scale, born out of the micro- and macro-cosmic womb, we have absolutely no idea the ebbs and flows and convolutions our individual lives may take.  Those are beyond our control as they belong to a much larger rhythmic and cyclic turning of the Divine Mind, which, ultimately, has no personal interest in how our lives unfold.

She just is, rising and falling like the ocean, like the sine and cosine elements on an oscilloscope – the abiding wave form that knows that yang rises and falls to yin and rises to yang again and falls again into the yin.  This is a constant pattern that has nothing to do with the limited brains of humans we have constructed around our own fears, much as we would like to think we can intervene and alter her patterns.

No timepiece, no spatial construction of a room or home, no mathematical equation, can overrule her quixotic and free movement. It would behoove us all to to stop trying to do so – far better to succumb to her whirling, circular dance, whose intelligence is beyond our grasp, than to constantly frustrate ourselves by our feeble attempts to corral and direct her independent powers.

Intelligent acquiescence to her movements is, indeed, the heart of Taoist practice and philosophy:  to attempt to observe and feel at home within her powerful and seemingly quixotic and cyclical dance. The Tao is designed to assist the student/practitioner in learning her  steps and, once mastered (just like a Waltz) to move fluidly within her domain.  That is where ecstatic bliss and tantric orientation (which has nothing whatsoever to do with sex) to the world at large lies.

And we can take that tantric power and ecstasy into whatever realm we so wish to engage.  We become successful in those realms because we have chosen to be in relationship with the Divine and her cosmic dance.  That relationship cannot be broken by any external force.  No court of law, no idea of marriage, no cultural constraints of familial loyalty can or should break our primary relationship with that Divine Wisdom.  If we allow them to, we have, indeed, sold our selves to a small and ordinary way of being.

Currently, we live in such a hierarchically, patriarchically-, phallically-  and left-brained dominated culture that we have forgotten the fact that the Divine Feminine seeks no power over us, no penetration of our internal psyche or bodies, no regulation of our social patterns of behavior.  Rather, the Tao and her essence seeks an intimate union with us.  It is about being with what is between us, at a deep level, at any given time and in the appropriate context. When we give ourselves over to that intimate union, all conflict within and without us ceases.  Our sacred marriage is with the Divine alone, which we retain unto our physical deaths and into our lives beyond this one (and those preceeding it).

The second fact, bound so intimately with the first at this point, is that, indeed, every single one of us, on an individual basis, must face midnight on our own Winter Solstice.  From the very moment we are issued from the mystery and power of our mothers’ wombs, we proceed, inexorably, toward the moment of our last exhalation on this planet, our own December 21 in our small lifetimes.  This current hoo haa and poo baa over WHAT is going to happen on this particular solstice is irrelevant if we are, indeed, in intimate relationship with our own Divine.  And that requires that we have made our own personal relationship with her.  And our own deaths. If we have not, and most have not, we are going to find ourselves tossed about by the waves of circumstances and their gurus, all who claim they have the right answer.

Only YOU have the right answer.  Only You.  It is an answer that is internally derived and located.  That is what the Tao can give us:  to know ourselves so thoroughly, so intimately and with such abiding trust that we know what to do in any given situation – for ourselves and of ourselves.  Once we forge our alliance with that fact, which takes years of practice and relationship with the ineffable Tao (which is absolutely non-quantitative in nature) we will find ourselves within the realm of qualitative freedom.  Freedom of choice and discernment and an abiding rest within the eternal Tao, which transcends all of our lifetimes, no matter how small or important they are.

The small is important.  The important is small.  Question everything, for everything about these times is questionable.

So, as we move into this external idea of events, both large and small, hold to your very dear internal sense and sensibility of yourselves.  It is the only way that will lead you through the tumult.

Hold to your centers,  fall into them as you would into your own mother’s embracing arms.  That falling and comfort is the essence of the true Tao.  They will guide you through.  Do so with neutral observation, clear vision and action based on integrity born of love, intimacy and nurturance.  That is what the Divine Tao is and that is who our mothers are, at the core of their true meaning, unfettered by the limitations of our current cultural concepts.

Rest and abide in them.  And then, summon yourselves to action in the material world when the time is right.

Trust her.  Trust yourselves.