Amelia Free, MSW, LCSW, LMT, teaches integrative Taoist philosophy and practice and conducts workshops on the dynamic understanding of taoist chakra systems, non-hierarchical group dynamics, movement integration, writing, art  and authentic relationship.  She has also, between her travels, been a vermiculturist and, in that capacity, has held workshops on the development and maintenance of closed-system, sustainable practices within local communities.

Twelve years ago, Amelia chose to leave the conventional, Western medical-, and pathology-based practice of psychotherapy and currently practices counseling astrology from the perspective of cultural psychology, sociology, anthropology and natural cosmology.

She is published author, fine artist and photographer and has had both group and individual shows of the latter work on the East Coast, California and New Mexico.  She maintains a practice in therapeutic bodywork (at High Desert Healthcare and Massage), integrative aquatic bodywork and counseling astrology in Santa Fe and the Jemez Mountains.  She also wild-crafts and makes organic healing salves and ointments, which she uses with clients in her healing practice.

Amelia studied political theory at Mt. Holyoke College and received her master’s degree in clinical social work from Smith College School for Social Work.  She is the former Clinical Director of the Sexual Abuse Treatment Team and the former co-Director of the Family Therapy Team (with Dr. William Slammon) within the Department of Child Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center.  During her tenure there, she was qualified, and testified, as an expert witness in civil court on the issues of trauma and child welfare law.  She has lectured nationally on the subjects of spirituality, resilience, stress and trauma at a number of institutions, including Harvard Divinity School, Boston University Schools of Medicine and Psychology and the Fenway Community Health Center.

Amelia was trained in the meta-physical arts, astrology and Jungian dream analysis as a child and adolescent by her own mother and, beginning as a young adult, expanded her studies into the practice, study and, later, teaching of taoist philosophy and martial arts, with which she has been engaged for the past 22 years.

Beginning in 1990, Amelia spent 10 years in practice with her first Si Fu, Menelik Musa, in the art of Fu Style Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Hsing-yi.  Fu style is a very esoteric and little-known form of practice and, thus, is largely unknown to many practitioners.  Fu style was transmitted to Musa from his master, Bo Sim Mark, of Korea.   Amelia also studied White Crane Chi Gung and Taoist philosophy with Alex Anatole in the late 1990’s at The New England Center of the Tao (now known as The Center of Traditional Tao) in Weston, Massachusetts.   Amelia also then studied with Liu Yu at the Wushu Tai Chi Center in San Luis Obispo in 2006.   Amelia honors each and every one of  these teachers for their mastery in both practice and intellectual communication of taoist arts.

In addition, Amelia has also completed studies in the hard physical sciences, including inorganic and organic chemistry, biology, microbiology, mathematics, anatomy and physiology, pathology and newtonian and quantum physics.  She is a former instructor in pathology at The School of Shiatsu and Massage in northern California.

Amelia has maintained a life-long interest in comparative religion/philosophy/anthropology/psychology and has developed an observational and practical expertise in tibetan buddhism, indigenous wisdom, christianity, hinduism, sufism and entheogenism.  Her primary framework for understanding life and its multitude of esoteric and physical manifestations, however, lies firmly and always within the ancient (as opposed to “modern,” beginning around 2500 B.C.) Tao, whose grace and wisdom never ceases to surprise and and awe.

Amelia is also a trained actress and Taiko drummer and performed with Words Move Theater Company and Odaiko New England, respectively, in Boston.  Within that work, she extensively studied Alexander Technique and many other movement modalities designed to free the self into authentic expression.  These arts-based modalities of authentic self-expression dove-tailed and deepened her knowledge of the Tao.  As a former competitive athlete in long-distance running, triathlons, tennis, rowing and soccer, she has an acute understanding of the wisdom that is gleaned from the kinesthetic awareness of the body and the multi-dimensional intelligence the body can impart to us in our understanding of the world around us.

Amelia also has been a political activist and theorist since the late 1970′s and has lived for extended periods in the San Francisco Bay Area, the  East Coast, Europe and South America.  When not traveling, she resides in Northern New Mexico.

Amelia’s body/mind/spirit practice is directed by the Taoist principles of critical discernment and personal, informed choice.  Her commitment to her clients and students is that each and every one should be able to experience the freedom of expression of the true self and to experience the power of discernment and choice.  Such choice is dependent upon the rigorous questioning of all teachings, including her own.

Finally, I do have to say, for the record, because I have had so many people ask me:  No.  I did not make up my name.  My mother and father did and it is, indeed, on my birth certificate.  I thank my father for the surname and my mother, a true poet, for the rest.

My full name is Amelia Alison Free and it is a piece of music that has sounded in my entire being from the very first moment I ever said it out loud to myself.

As someone once pointed out so observantly:  indeed, my parents gifted me with a name I will always strive to live up to.  That is what every parent should give to their progeny.  Thanks for placing the bar so high, my parents and ancestors.  It is my duty to try to honor it the entirety of my days.