I do not follow linear thought patterns at all and, in fact, view my life as a sacred mandala, with different “houses, constellations and geometries” all interacting and informing each other for the benefit of expansion and authentic expression of the self.

This is, in fact, the heart of a true astrological reading, as well as living a life that honors the myriad of aspects in an individual’s life.

In order to address each part of that mandala and link, integrate and synthesize them, I am now running several different blogs.  In my mind, they should relate to each other at the intuitive, kinesthetic level of wisdom, and I hope that they do.  My purpose is solely to enunciate and expand upon the different, though related, realms of body/mind/spirit paradigms that run through us all.  None is separate from the other and, so, in that view, each of them is interconnected.

As is true of the abstract, visionary and meaningful realm of the yin, the feminine way of relating, which requires an understanding of complex systems, networks and the weave and weft of traversing life, my hope is that they will all connect and relate to one another.  For me, that is the heart of living a rich, authentic life.  And, I well know that the abstract does not adhere to our current culture of fragmented, “rational” thought.

Nor should it.  My purpose in writing in these blogs, which all cross-reference, is to both explore the boundaries and expansions of our lives.  Yes, I do post some things here and some things there, depending on their general themes.  However, I feel our purpose is to experience “the bigger picture,”  which does NOT always conform to conventional thinking.  I hope you read all of them and here, in their current working integration, are my websites.




Please do read and ponder and question.  I welcome all of those endeavors.  I do not welcome spam, nor trolling, nor aggressive attacks.  I welcome discerning and interesting debate of the essays presented.  Those in right relationship understand that the expansion of dialogue and inquiry are the most important thing we can do for each other.  From such a place, we all benefit and grow more fully into our own, authentic, self-possessed  expression of ourselves.

Please do comment with those principles in mind.