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“Fogwaves surge updown

Sunlight and mountainsnow vie

Which wins? Motion does”

I enjoy Haikus and I write one almost every day.  Their form and function, though they are of Japanese origin, reflect the simplicity of Taoist observation as we  move through our lives, in all of its moments, on a mundane basis.  In fact, at their very roots, before so many different schools of Buddhism and Taoism emerged, Zen and Tao were very much at one with each other in philosophy and practice.  I highly recommend the book, The Tao of Zen, by Ray Grigg, who gives an historical account of the very close relationships between pure Zen and pure Tao before they became indoctrinated into all sorts of cultural ritual permutations.

I wrote this Haiku at sunset after a day and a morning of heavy snow breaking into a clear sky afternoon and, eventually, a stunning sunset inside of which I found myself struck in silence by the ethereal movement of fog rhythmically descending and ascending a mountain slope as the thermals changed and ebbed and flowed.  Their intimate, dancing dynamic was reflected in the oceanic movements of the fog.

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children-playing-philippines_40412_600x450The art of practicing the Tao is to fully engage with the physical world and our potential activities within it as a form of play.  Playing with whatever comes our way at the intuitive, energetic level is the path to understanding the Way.

The Tao is understood through doing and living, not through thinking and intellectualizing.  It’s wisdom within us arises from authentic spontaneity in any context within which we might find ourselves and enacting them without pausing.  Practicing the Tao stimulates our kinesthetic “gut wisdom” of how to act according to the situation at hand – and it is action that reveals the truth.  The Tao’s principles are firm and abiding and, because of that, are universally applied to our individual lives.

Those who satisfy themselves simply with reading Taoist texts will remain ignorant of the Tao’s subtleties and nuances because they have failed to experience it in any tangible manner.  Yes, studying Taoist philosophy is important in integrating the mind and body into an experiential whole, but, unfortunately, Westerners have become lazily dependent on the notion that the left brain can solve our dilemmas of being.  They have traded in wisdom (Tao) for knowledge (brain functions) and will end out on the short end of a large lemon deal.  However, here, no blame as such people are simply functioning out of a larger cultural context that does the same.  They are nothing more and nothing less than the obedient children of a patronizing social structure that pats them on the head and feeds them candies for their obedience.

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I have been absent from this site for quite some time.  Yes, sending a missive to an old, worn, post box.  I love rust and age and faded colors as they are signs of use and adventure and wisdom gained therein.  I send a love letter from afar and months of silence.  I hope you might take it gently out of it’s envelope and listen in to the words written therein.

Part of that empty mail box has been because I do many other things, though the largest part of it is that, in the last year and several months, the amount of human and natural crises and concomitant “news reporting,” Facebook commenting and “Twitter OMGing” about all of them, had begun to reach deafening proportions.  I chose, deliberately, to “go quiet” and to explore, at a different level, how to be “in the world but not of the world.”  That is a daunting task for anyone seeking their own path:  those searching for “The Way” for themselves as individuals.  It is, indeed, the way that cannot be named  by anyone else but our own authentic selves.  That authentic self finds its way in the rhythms and laws of nature.  Within our “civilized” culture, it is most often shattered, fragmented and stifled in service to a need to create an enormous amount of human “noise” that drowns out the sounds of the flowing stream outside of our very own doors, the light that sifts through aspen leaves in Fall, the smell of wood smoke drifting from our own and neighbor’s wood stoves, and the sensations of a warm down comforter enveloping us in her folds on cold nights.  It is to the latter I have retreated for some time in order to re-gain and maintain my own reality of intimate relationship with Nature and The Way that cannot be named, but only felt at the internal, ambient light level.

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Welcome.  I publish this very first post on the last day of Sun in Leo and its first day in the sign of Virgo.  The former is all about Light and Destiny and the latter is all about how to ground that down into Earth and Practicality.  A most auspicious time for the site’s inauguration.  And entirely serendipitous in manifestation.   It does, remarkably, reflect the Wisdom of the Tao, which is to find, through it’s philosophy and practice, the ways in which our souls can come into union with our deepest spiritual abilities and then ground them down into the mundane lives we lead within the constructs of what we call “civilization.”  The Tao is born of the cycles of the natural world, now so far away from that hectic world of culture and economy within which so many of us have to figure out how to function.

This blog is dedicated to the rectification of right union and relationship between yin and yang, between reflection and action, between the natural and constructed worlds in which we find ourselves.  It is a dedication to the sacred marriage, holy and whole as independent states and yet able to conceptualize and bring to fruition so much more when their balance is restored.  It is with that spirit that this site’s conception and inception are made.

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