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Jemez Fire 2013

Jemez Fire 2013

Hello, Taoists, just spent my time posting over on my other website,

I do have a number of parts to my personal life mandala and this most recent need to blog belonged primarily over there, though it’s content also addresses the Taoist issues of spirituality in experiencing, feeling and doing as our total form of practice.  Hope it will speak to you as well as my more focused astrological audience.




Okay, so, here I am again, walking along and stumbling upon yet another synchronicity of life, so closely on the heels of my last post.  That’s usually how jewels show up – not seeking them, but tripping over them in our meanderings upon Mother Earth.  The link above is to a video I came upon yesterday and it so nicely dove-tailed with the topic of my last post that I am re-posting it here.

That is how our modern weaving works.  So, I’ll go with it.  Just like tumbling down a set of stairs or down the rabbit hole that Alice had to navigate, learning how to roll is the name of the game.

The Tao is, ultimately, an improvisational dance that requires a profound precision of discernment.  Therein lies the paradox and the rub, all in one. I am including this video today because, yesterday, I discussed the importance of falling into the sacred vessel of our pelvis.  This video so perfectly demonstrates, visually, what I wanted to convey.  It is the blending of structure and creativity.

First time through, just watch it in it’s totality.  That is establishing a “whole to part” perspective.  Watch first the whole from a larger perspective, the details will become clear later.

Second time through, watch the integrity of the dancer’s pelvis and the exquisite integrity he establishes between that and the creativity that arises  from his torso out of his groundedness in the hip and waist, knees and feet as he moves through three-dimensional space.

Also notice that, even in his integrated dance, he still holds tensions in his body (most noticeably in the left shoulder) and still has a ways to go with completely extinguishing such “holding places” within himself.   I have not fully evaluated the holding places in his hips, but I know they are there, as the shoulders and hips are intimately connected.

We all have those subtle flaws within ourselves, as he does, and work through our entire lives to come to a full place of softness of being.    It is what makes us all human, together.  Our different idiosyncrasies are what makes the unique flavors of life and, as he does so beautifully, we should all dance the song of ourselves, despite our functional dysfunctions.

Lovely.  Taking risks despite ourselves – feeling into them.  The assignment for students is to watch where you notice other asymmetries and tensions in his body and how the parts make up the whole.  And then notice your own.  No judgment, just observing and accepting those places within ourselves – and knowing those same flaws make a beautiful way of being, unique unto ourselves, just as this young man does without hesitation.  Authentic self-expression is the beauty of life and the Tao.

We do, indeed, fly through space and time despite our small little selves.  The flight is thrilling.



As we begin to approach the idea and physical event of December 12, 2012, I find a need to address the increasing anxieties, terrors, ecstatic blisses and stories of the alleged arrival of the next messiah that are exponentially growing out of this much-anticipated event.

All orientations to The Event, whether of fear and doom and gloom or silly notions proposed by New Agers that we are all going to transform into a new level of abundance and kindergarten levels of “happy happy joy joy” nonsense, are born out of an externally-oriented locus of control.  Some are “prepping” for the impending disaster and hiding out in underground bunkers.  Others are holding sharing circles meditating on and believing that our planet is going to morph into a purple star.  All attempts to put forth theories of what will happen are simply left-brained attempts to control the future, which none of us can do.  That is up to the Great Divine herself, whether embodied in her larger self as the ever-changing cosmos, or here in her smaller earthly manifestation within the creative, transformative wombs of all women.

Our work is to enter into the unknown.

The Unknown, that which cannot be named but which we know as true, lies at the heart of the study of the Tao.  It is our acceptance of the Unknown, the Inexplicable Wonder, that divides the children from the adults,  the kindergartners from the truly aware,  the boys and girls from the men and women of life.  In every case, the latter are the spiritual warriors/sages of our times and it would behoove us all to discern and look to the latter for guidance as we proceed forward in our adventures of the mysteries of life.

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I seem to be stumbling across a number of articles these days that express, far more beautifully than I can, my own philosophical orientation to life and the need to return to a very vital, sacred part of human nature which has been lost to the commodifying, consumerist culture that has, over time, impoverished our spiritual selves. This is what I wish we all could do for our children and ourselves. It is called:  Remember Your Song

I posted this on my other website: and decided to re-post it here because it captures so much of what the Tao is all about.  There is, indeed, a song that sings within everyone of us.  Or a dance, which is what the Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Ba Gua are.  Whether song or dance, preferably a combination of the two, they are about rhythm and cadence and patterning – the yin, right-brain wisdoms of the human brain that have been so over-ridden by the fearful, yang qualities of the linear, concrete and hierarchical machinations of the left-brain.

Without the holy, sacred union of the two, humanity will never achieve it’s Higher Mind.

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